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Published on November 22, 2016

An Exclusive GoldFish Report No. 65, "The Pleiadian Interview" with COBRA from The Resistance Movement and A'drieiuous from New Lyra. In this compelling report, Cobra and A'drieiuous provide insights from their Pleiadian perspective about their missions here and about how the current events of our planet are unfolding . They provide great detail about the situation of the liberation of this planet, NDPL, U.S. Election, advanced technology such as tachyon healing technologies, the biochip implants and its interaction with the matrix, and a great explanation about time travel, plus much more. This has been a fascinating exploration of insights into who are cosmic brothers and sister are from the Pleiades Star System for the beneficence of humanity. You do NOT want to miss this GFR. To follow our guests and their updates please visit Cobra at and You can follow updates by A’drieiuous at, on YouTube at The GoldFish Report which you can subscribe to to receive our new reports, and Also, please follow our 24/7 news page on facebook at and on Twitter at @ReportGoldfish.

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